We're building an entirely new loan officer experience

Don't follow the market. Create your own. 

Reimagine your workday

Welcome to a new day in mortgage where you can work from anywhere and grow your business on your terms. 

Experience total support

We've invested in smart technology and end-to-end support teams for unparalleled speed and scale.

Unleash your brand

Grow your pipeline on autopilot with fully integrated marketing campaigns, personalized and designed to maximize conversions.


Our headquarters is located in one of the nation's fastest growing cities, complete with professional sports, local breweries, a growing food scene, and a day trip from beaches and mountains. 

Salt Lake City

Our newest location is nestled between picturesque mountains and close to beautiful lakes and national parks. It's also home to a prime growing market of first time home buyers, making it a perfect place to lock loans and hit the slopes. 

Kansas City

Famous for barbecue and jazz, Kansas City also boasts one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, making it an ideal location for foodies and top performing loan officers alike. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Wyndham better for me?

It’s no secret. The industry is changing and so are your work needs. That’s why we’ve blended the speed and scale of the direct-to-consumer model with the flexibility and service of retail lending. We’ve worked collaboratively with our loan officers to create something entirely new – a model that is centered around helping you succeed on your terms. And it’s producing real results for our teams.

How many hours do loan officers work?

Don’t worry, funding 15 loans a month doesn’t mean working 80 hours and calling borrowers in the middle of the night. We take work / life balance seriously and provide the flexibility to work the way that’s best for you. Our loan officers can work between 35-40 hours a week without sacrificing earning potential. 

How many loans are your loan officers funding? Is it higher than other companies?

Making a switch can be a little scary, so we’re glad you asked. We’re proud to consistently average 15 funded loans per loan officer. We’re able to outpace the competition because our entire process is designed for sales, by sales – including operations. We leverage smart technology to make the whole process more efficient, allowing you to work with more customers.

How will you help me grow my business?

We offer a diversified strategy that allows you to leverage a mix of lead sources: lead aggregators, organic and digital marketing, co-marketing, and events. We work with you to create a tailored marketing plan that helps maximize your skill set. You won’t find a cookie-cutter approach or any buy-in models here. Just full support and execution from our award-winning marketing team. 

We help top loan officers reinvent the way mortgage is done. Ready to be a game changer?

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